Michael Bene Cup 2017

A U S T R I A N  A E R O – C L U B

Landesverband Steiermark – Sektion Modellflug


Announcement EUROCONTEST F3K competition

Name: Michael Bene Cup 2017

Organizing Club: Akaflieg Graz

Competition registration number:

Date of competition: 3. – 4. Juni 2017

Location of competition: UMFC Stocking, Wildon, Steiermark  Class: F3K

Competition Manager: Peter Cmyral Organization: Georg Steiner, steinege@gmail.com +43(0)6504467443 Markus Gollmann, markus.gollmann@inode.at +43(0)6767188125

REGISTRATION:  Pilots must register until 29/05/2017 by email to markus.gollmann@inode.at,  Late registration possible.

The REGISTRATION FEE is €45 (€30 for under 18) and includes drinks, snacks and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Payment in cash or bank transfer.

T-Shirt: A T-Shirt can be ordered upon registration for € 20. Attention: T-Shirts have to be ordered before May 20!

Accomodation: Camping at the flying field is possible, a list of recommended motels and hotels will be provided shortly.


Saturday. 3. Juni 2017:

Pilot registration start 8:00 Pilot briefing 09:00 Start competition: 09:30 Lunch breack app. 12:30- 13:30 End competition flights app: 18:00

Sunday, 4. Juni 2017

Pilot briefing 08:00 Start competition: 08:30 End competition flights app: 14:00 Lunch break app. 14:00-15:00 Award ceremony 15:00

Ranking system: Senior and Junior class

Preconditions for participation:

All pilots holding an Autrian national or international model flying insurance are eligible to participate, HOWEVER ONLY pilots holding a valid international FAI Sport License will be rated in the official results.

Proof of insurance and FAI Sport license have to be presented at registration.

Protest: Protests have to be filed with the competition manager immediately against presentation of €15 protest fee.

Flying rules: Local rules and regulations will be communicated at the pilot briefing and have to be followed by all pilots

Liability: The organizers and local club explicitly reject any responsibilities for damages to persons or goods.

Trophies: Certificates, medals, cup