Adapter Board


Adapter Board Top Side


Adapter board on the left and Cubieboard on the right. The cable between the boards is 5V supply voltage. Main components on the adapter board are

  • DC/DC converter (small red PCB)
  • Connector for resistive touchscreen (lower left corner)
  • 3 solder jumpers (2x display mirror, 1x brightness fixed or controlled by processor board)
  • Connector for 30pin FPC cable to Pixel Qi display (left side)
  • Self resetting polyfuse for Cubieboard and adapter board
  • 3x 10 pin connectors for extensions, each with I2C, SPI, 2x GPIO and power
  • 1x 12 pin connector to RJ45 extension board (4x RX/TX, 2x GND, 2x 12V)
  • 3.3V regulator for display supply (lower right corner)


Adapter Board Bottom Side


  • Fuse for reverse polarity protection (lower left side)
  • 2x MAX3232 for UART voltage level conversion

Cubieboard and Adapter Board assembled


The 3.3V regulator available on our shelf had the wrong pinout, and two touchscreen connectors for 1mm and 1.25mm pitch FPC are installed to accomodate different types – it´s a prototype after all 😉



RJ45 Extension Board


Four RJ45 sockets with IGC compatible pinout allow connection of FLARM and loggers with a simple RJ45 cable. Each socket has its own self resetting polyfuse to avoid multiple failures of one device trips the fuse.